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June 13, 2017
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Today we are discussing “Source” as it pertains to consciousness. Long, have we pounded and sought after, a higher being, an acknowledgment of something grander than ourselves… This innate need has driven billions of us into religion and mass hypnosis.consciousness

Because we feel the God in us, Mystery schools have been able to tap that innate desire to seek reconnection with the true self and subvert it into institutional religions… where the message gets distorted and the norms become the tenants of spirituality.

Although it could seem unbelievable to you,  however, we are not human beings, we are all spirits inhabiting or you can say animating earthly human bodies. Reaching these realization breaks you from the thinking of its just little ole me. You are the God you seek. You are your own Savior! You are the God who speaks to you in a still calm voice. God is your consciousness communicating with you. We are individualistic manifestations of “The Source” i.e God.

Living in this third-dimensional place… things can feel very separate, but I can assure you appearances can be deceiving… our world is made up of matter, which is made up atoms, which itself is made up of even lesser solidity. So things appearing solid is proof of the illusory nature of reality. In 3 rd dimension, Energy vibrations are much slower when compared to other higher dimensions, these gives energy an appearance and feel of solidity.If only we can see ourselves as we are…consciousness  You will understand that it’s not the Space suit that is driving the man.. Its the Astronaut inside of it. That is why to a truly awaken

That is why to a truly awaken soul, race does not exist because the color of our human bodies has no more value than the color of an astronaut’s space suit.


All that matters is that it works and it is able to help the soul with achieving the objectives the soul descended to achieve in that particular lifetime.

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