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Good Health is Life’s Greatest Blessings!

Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism. Efficiency! that’s the word that stuck out to me in that definition. Living Healthy is a way we can portray our existence in perpetual balance or mirror of our higher self…. there is a degree of spirituality that occurs while one takes control of their health. Our human bodies are spiritual portals that host our spirit. The body is an extension of our self and therefore inherently spiritual, however, outside forces can corrupt the flesh and cut it off from its spirituality. this is when people come up with phrases like flesh living… Or the concepts of gaining more Mind over Matter…

On these Page, we will be adding important health concepts… Ideas from the Ancient world and Nutrition focused Eating habits.  Exercise, which is a natural tool human have been utilizing for Enos to keep our minds sharp and agility intact. Is by far the cheapest way to quickly take control over your mind and guide the body.

As this page grows… I would add some concepts I have found along the way.. that I consider very helpful as these are concepts and things I have incorporated myself. Some idea that has been floating around a while is the concept of Juicing!  However, I don’t believe juicing, however, medicinally is not quite suitable for everybody.  This is mainly because the body is used to grinding and breaking food down into absorption levels. Juicing already eliminates half the work our digestive system has to do. SO therefore… the body resist juicing mainly because our human body directed by our brains resist change… so by the body not getting its usual ration of food or the already learned brain pattern gets interrupted.. the brain would instantly go into  defence mode and attempt to wave or might I say wage war on any thing trying to force the brain to accept new patterns.

I am going to be categorizing future health posts under this page…. I would like to explore what the ancients thought about their health… and what useful wisdom might we glean from them and incorporate into our lives.  Stay tuned and Enjoy 🙂

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