• God & Psychedelics

    The Magicks Of Altered States

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  • The Beauty Of Meditations

    Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

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  • Healthy Revolutions

    Good Health Is Life's Greatest Blessings! Uncover The Mysteries Of Earth

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  • Soulful Dreaming

    Exploring The Nature Of Lucid Dreaming

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A young couple contributing our part to the rapid expansion of consciousness happening right now and everywhere around us. Humanity is no longer asleep, we are waking up, and we are doing it En mass. Please feel free to share, follow and tweet any and all articles of information on this page... We Greet you fellow Spirit Traveler... We welcome you with Infinite Love ♥ ♥

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God is What You Think It IS

One of the greatest mysteries to me is God. Who is God? What is God? Am I God? is God Separate from me… Or am I God suffering from Amnesia. These are questions that boggle my mind constantly.  AT the beginnings of my spiritual journey, I was very angry at God, in fact, I think it was one of the major components that broke me from organized religion. I came from suffering and from a humble background, I believed God was drastically

Jun 23, 2017 Admin


Today we are discussing “Source” as it pertains to consciousness. Long, have we pounded and sought after, a higher being, an acknowledgment of something grander than ourselves… This innate need has driven billions of us into religion and mass hypnosis. Because we feel the God in us, Mystery schools have been able to tap that innate desire to seek reconnection with the true self and subvert it into institutional religions… where the message gets distorted and

Jun 13, 2017 Admin
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